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movies & books…

Movies. More than an art form or a source of entertainment. I really don’t know when my love affair with movies began. My oldest movie memory was a scene that was had haunted me since i was a kid. It was from a late night movie playing on TV, and it was only years later that i discovered the name of the movie, Peter Weir’s “Picnic At Hanging Rock” and fell in love with it.   

Some say it runs in the family, and if that’s the case, i know where it came from. My great-grandmother, we were told, was such a movie fan, that one night, many many years ago, when the only theatre in the small town they lived in burnt down, almost everybody who heard the news started mourning, believing that she would most definitely have been in there. well, thankfully, she wasn’t in there, and i guess she passed on the movie bug to her children and her children’s children, and although her grandson, my dad, outgrew the phase soon, it must have skipped a generation, and bit me. And it’s been there ever since.  

Ans as far as books go, I used to be a fairly voracious reader back in school. Well, not that i read really high-level stuff, but i did, and till date, do enjoy reading. It’s just that like so many other things in life, books have been pushed back in the larger scheme of things. Well, with this new blog, and new outlook on life, and other things in general, i plan to change all that.

On these pages, you will find my opinions on movies and books, two art forms that inspire me the most. At least, it gives me a reason to sort out my VCD and DVD collection and pick up some books lying on my book shelves, and dust them off once again.

Hope you like what i feel about them.

Happy Reading… 



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