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I’m back. And I’m weeding out the past! March 20, 2017

Posted by espritnoir in I, Me and Myself....


I can’t believe i’m actually doing this.

It’s been such a long time.

Okay…Here’s the deal.

I am done.

With the anger.

The resentment.

The doubt.

The hurt.

The pain of betrayal.

The thought of being reduced to a “Dost Dost Na Raha, Pyar Pyar Na Raha” meme.

I got over my ex-wife some time back.

But now, i’m also over the fact that my best friend married her.

And that he didn’t think it was necessary to tell me that they were dating for two years or so, until a week before their engagement.

My ex-wife and my best friend. Now happily married.

Once, both of them were a significant part of my life. Now, not anymore.

And i don’t particularly mind.

I was forced to move on from my ex’s life after she walked out of my mine.

I now choose to walk away from my friend’s life to save myself a lifetime of unnecessary awkwardness.

He moved on.  So must I.

I wish them well. Truly, and from the bottom of my heart.

No hard feeling for them.

Scratch out “hard”.

As i bring Esprit Noir back, (or as he brings himself back?), this is the last time i shall mention them on these pages.

And this may be a Monday evening, but I’m feeling like a mutha’fuckin Saturday Night.

Black is back, baby. Black is back…!




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