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All Things Come to an End… January 3, 2014

Posted by espritnoir in Uncategorized.

Wish everybody – well, those of you who are still checking in – a Happy New Year…

2013 was rocky from the start to say the least. It left me with something that i least expected.

An impending divorce.

Guess, the nay-sayers were right after all. Maybe, it was just not meant to be. Maybe, somebody just gave up…

But, for all its ups and downs, it was fun while it lasted. I’m glad it happened. I’m not sure about how i feel about it ending. Which is not surprising, considering I’ve spent most of last year trying to escape from thinking about it.

But, all said and done, it’s over now, and life moves on.

Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t. When i opened this space, it was to address a void i felt within me, a desire to communicate. To make my voice heard, even if to complete strangers. Over the years, the strangers became friends. But, in a sudden twist of fate, my closest friend has become a stranger. And, try as much as i want to, i can’t share my personal views and thoughts on a forum where i know that what’s going on in my mind can be read by people i don’t know if i can trust anymore.

So, without further ado, i bid thee farewell. Thank you for your bouquets and brickbats. They have all helped me grow. Once again, I am at a loss  of words, when i wish to convey so much, but i firmly remain frozen-brained.

But, for those of you who are interested in keeping in touch, please message or email me. Share a comment, share your email address. I will begin with a different format of the blog somewhere else soon. I’ll get back to you with the details…Maybe you will like it, maybe you won’t. In true EspritNoir style, i personally don’t know where i am headed into the blogospehere.

If you want to move on, wish you all the best. Thank you, you have been great.

For those of you who wish to be in touch…well, message me. Like i said, i dont know what’s coming next. But, i can promise you this. Just as much as this is the end of one thing, this is also the beginning of something new…So, stick around

Adios, amigos…




1. Anonymous - February 25, 2014

Don’t see a point in ending this blog and starting a new one.. i guess your ex knows about this blog and you dont want her to know what you are thinking, or how much it has hurt you. even worst would be if she might reply to your blog with some clarifications… most unlikely though. You not wanting to write it here also makes me wonder that you havent accepted ‘the whole saga’ to an extent it cant be worn like a war wound. but then one doesnt show a war wound at times..

cheers, cg

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