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Opiate for the Masses… May 3, 2008

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Strangers all brought together by a single decision taken by each of them. Eight months ago. Two girls. Two boys. And one man, desperately trying to stay in touch with the boy within. They shared more than just a house and groceries.

Smiles. Tears.

Birthdays and celebrations.

Fears. Frustrations.

Bad jokes. Friendly banter. Jovial chit chat.

Voices raised in shrieks of enthusiasm. Sometimes, in argument.

Evenings were always exciting. Cooking meant listening to music. Somebody washed, someone else cleaned, a third cleaned, somebody else controlled the music. Dinner time were also never the same. Always something new. Discussion about the way a dish had turned out. Some hot girl who had smiled at one of them. Music. Movies. Dumb charades. Cricket talk. Shop talk. Assignments discussed. Debated. Argued. And resolved. Sometimes silence. But then again, somebody cracked a really bad joke, and it would be chaos once again. It was exciting, it was different. It was a home away from home.

Over eight months, it lasted like this. Then it happened. It was inevitable. Somebody said something. The word spread. The mind was infected. More ideas came forward. A site was opened. Details were filled in, and just like that, without any warning, the deal was sealed. And an email received.

It was official. There was even a license to prove it. The email confirmed it.

We now have television.

And tonight, as we ate through our first TV dinner in the UK, voices were mostly silent and ears tuned in to the dialogues coming from a box. And for the first time in eight months, yesterday’s friends became just a little bit more distant and quieter today.

And I made a decision, which I hope i stick to in years to come. When I have my own place, there will be no television during dinner.

I hope someone is listening.

P.S. I have always loved this Calvin & Hobbes story. Thought it made sense to add it on to this post. Whether you agree or think that i’m just being extremely cynical, I hope you’ll enjoy the strip…

Calvin & Hobbes, Opiate of the Masses



1. Anonymous - May 3, 2008

that was very well written. true story or just thoughts?

2. Suzi - May 3, 2008

very, very well written. was this a true story, or very descriptive imagination?

3. manjamanis - May 3, 2008

This is very, very well written. was it true, or a descriptive dream?

4. espritnoir - May 3, 2008

Its all true, at least up to the point where we now have the television. The last bit, about everybody being quiet last night, is my own reflection, and maybe i have judged too deep, too early into the thing, considering we just got the thing yesterday. Only time will tell.

But at the risk of sounding old fashioned and possibly crazy, all i can say is after 8 months of liberty, my instinct warns me of us becoming slaves once again.

5. silverine - May 5, 2008

Television is the pacifier of this generation. The Internet of the next I guess. I must admit it is great to unwind to a comedy or a serial. But more than half an hour becomes too much.

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