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One Line Movie Reviews April 27, 2008

Posted by espritnoir in Miscellaneous.

One of the best things about going back to university again is that you get to lead the student life all over again. Which generally includes – apart from the inevitable writing assignments and studying – drinking beer at odd hours, staying up late till 2 am playing pool, partying in night clubs till 4 am (okay, truthfully, in my case that happens very rarely, iv never been too much of a party animal, but iv seen others do it, so I guess it counts too), go out for walks to the quay in the chill of the night (damn, I so miss my scorpio!), discussing cricket, music, politics, business and movies with flatmates over drinks, and since we’re Indians and we just can’t live without it, playing an improvised version of cricket with a padded baseball bat and a sponge ball in the apartment hallway! (Cricket-ball if you wish. That’s playing Street Cricket rules with baseball equipment. If the ball hits the ceiling directly, you’re out! “One tap” out! Batsman faces 3 overs. Maximum score wins. You get the drift!)

But for me, one of the best thing about the last six months have been the fact that I’v got back to watching movies regularly after so long. I mean, seriously, in the last six months I must have seen at least 40 movies or so, which is like watching at least 2 movies a week. Agreed, a lot of them have been repeats, ones which I’ve already seen before. But some have been movies, I’v always wanted to see from the 80s and the 90s. Not to mention some recent ones as well. Here’s a one line review of some of them :

“Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” : A good movie, spoiled only by the realisation that ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ was a copy of this.

“Dances with Wolves” : Amazing cinematography and direction, marred only by the bad subtitling in the movie file that I saw online.

“Fried Green Tomatoes” : Excellent narrative, well scripted, great characterizations.

“Midnight Cowboy” : Slow, but interesting in parts.

“Blade Runner” : Futuristic, from a retro perspective. I love the way they shot the ending. Haeur and Ford on the terrace. “…time to die…”. Brilliant.

“Dombivali Fast” : A good Marathi movie, but sorry to say, in spite of whatever the director says, it looks too similar to “Falling Down”. Still a decent watch.

“The Bucket List” : Pretty predictable, but good acting by both the stars.

“Munich” : If you look deeper, it really makes you question is retribution really worth it all?

“Horton Hears a Who” : WHO THE *@!* TOLD ME TO WATCH THIS CRAP!!!

“The Shooter” : I hoped till the very end that a stray sniper bullet came out of the screen and hit me, putting me out of my boredom!

“The Darjeeling Limited” : I wanted to whop Wes Andersen’s sorry ass from one end of India to the other, for presenting such a stereotypical image of India.

“The Bourne Trilogy” : Goddamn, I can’t believe I didn’t watch this series for so long, just coz I was being an idiot! Really edge of the seat stuff.

“There Will Be Blood” : Lewis, Lewis, and nothing but Lewis. Nothing else to the movie. And very frankly, I think he was just about better than average. Nothing exceptional about it.

“No Country for Old Men” : Coen Brothers. Interesting plot. Nice progression, good characterisation. But I really don’t think I’ll watch it more than once.

“Jumper” : I actually expected a lot from this movie. Too bad!

“Sunshine” : I kinda liked it. Cheesy, but still interesting.

“Taare Zameen Pe” : Aamir Khan plays it safe, and makes a very very good movie in his debut as a director.
It’s not a phenomenal movie, but what makes it stand out is the different subject of the movie and the way it has been handled. Touching and real.

Those are just a few of the movies I can remember top of my mind right now. But there’s one more I would suggest you all to see, if you haven’t seen it already. “Death at a Funeral”. I’m gonna be putting up a review of that one in the reviews section. Maybe in a day or two. But don’t let that stop you getting your hands on a copy of the movie if you can before you read the review. See it, it’s really a movie that works on a lot of levels. Hope you come back again soon to read the review.

Cheers for now…



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