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“Oh, Hello There” with a stiff upper lip! November 7, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

Okay. So, here we go again. Barring the one odd post in September, it’s almost like starting off afresh. Somehow, i feel like a novice all over again. Maybe, i am. Who knows? Are people still coming here? I know I haven’t. And i have been visiting others, only occasionally. So, hi there satandit, ajeya, CG,  poemer, silverine, anon, and all the rest. In case you do drop in again, welcome back. (edit : between the time i wrote this and posted it, silverine posted a comment on my last post. i am still trying to get over what she said. Coming from somebody who writes as well, so consistently, it just made my week! Thanks, silver. Now i know that at least you have been coming here.)

It’s been over a month now, I’ve shifted base to the UK.  A month and a fortnight in fact. Christ, time flies by so fast. It seems like it was just a fortnight ago, I was in Chennai, watching the last stall being erected for the company I was working with. My farewell dinner from work seemed only ten days ago. Having dinner at Yogi’s in Chembur, the night India won the semi-final of the first 20-20 Championship held in SA. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry that night in front of the people who had become a part of my family over the past 4 years when they did the customary farewell talk. Everybody else cries, I wouldn’t. I wanted to be different. I didn’t, even when my boss – truly, a guide, a mentor and a friend, as much now as then – told me something only he could have observed in all the time we had spent together, working on all those weird events. Those words struck a chord, but I didn’t cry. I remember laughing and screaming when India won the match, but I didn’t cry.

It just seemed like a week ago, I was shopping for more black jockeys, God forbid I ran out of clean underwear to wear in UK. (It’s a different thing, I already can’t find three of them anymore).

Less than a week back I was trying to spend time with my family and friends, but I didn’t have any time, coz I was too busy doing a zillion other things. Revising budgets  a zillionth time, checking my addresses, making sure everything fit in the 2 bags I was allowed to carry, make sure i had an extra pair of specs, enough toothpaste and soap to last me a month ( I ran out of Medimix soap in a week, but thankfully I am still using the same toothpaste).

Just two days ago, I was enjoying a special dinner out at Marine Plaza. And it was just  yesterday that I was at the Bombay airport, the night that India defeated Pakistan in the 20-20 Championship. Saying goodbye to my friends and family in India. After over a year of preparations, applications, tests, forms, more applications, a 1000 GBP scholarship, a lot of soul searching, some doubt, a lot of shocks, and everything, including the kitchen sink, I was actually flying.  All through the journey, I thought that London would never come.

But, it did. And then, things started to speed up. In a minute, I was at my University Accommodation, unpacking my things. The first 3 days of Orientation thanks to the University, whizzed past in like half an hour. An hour later, I made my way to the quay, which was two minutes away from my house. Meeting a new bunch of people, who were to become my friends for the next year at least, that took about an hour and a half. The fifth hour, we had figured out how to use the laundry room downstairs. Ten hours later, I knew which was the best  fish and chips in the vicinity, and two hours after that, which Israeli joint served the best Doner Kababs. To find out what local pubs served the most chilled beer, and played the best music took another day or so. End of the week, we were comparing the best value for money deals at the local Sainsbury’s, and discovering that if you walked the extra 7 minutes to go to ASDA, you could get a week’s dinner for under 4 GBP. Ten days later, saw us comfortably settled in, pros who knew our way around the town, and a week later, we were started on our course already. MA in Marketing Communications. Getting to know how the system works in a new country, a lecture or two, max. That’s how long it seemed to take us. Learning to memorise the names of the blokes we had to study at a Masters’ level, apply critical thinking to everything we did or say, understanding the difference between ‘discuss’ and ‘assess’ with relation to the assignments we would be submitting at the end of each term. Time flies.

And now, in our fifth week of acads already, we are busy scrambling around for ideas, theories to write about, making sure we use the right variant of the Harvard Referencing System, trying to handing in our assignment proposals in time, hoping that we just about made it. And more than that, hoping that they get approved, without too many changes. And all this, while trying to convince Elsbeth, our Ad Strategy prof whats the best campaign to run in order to get Levis to increase their sales of 501 jeans! And that’s, just for this week!

Now I know what they meant when they said ‘Time is relative’. If you have it, you want it to pass by in a whizz. And when you start hearing whooshing sounds of last week’s deadlines, all you can think of is, ‘Jeez, whats the hurry? Slow down man!’

Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for right now. Need to catch a good night’s sleep before I start working on framing my own question for the Consumer Behaviour assignment. That’s something I find is weird. Not only do I have to write the answers, I have to make up the questions as well. Now, that’s what I call cruel and unusual  punishment. Like giving a guy on Death Row a strong piece of rope and telling him to go tie his own noose!

Anyways, cheers, for now. I’m way too sleepy to continue. Will post this and hopefully you will come back and find more of me from the UK in the next few days.

Good night!



1. Anonymous - November 8, 2007

nice to see u back and also good to know that your’e doing fine in the UK. tc espritnoir. all the best with everything.

2. silverine - November 8, 2007

Best of luck with the course and enjoy it. A PG in Marcom sounds like a lot of fun!!

3. evilmenever - November 12, 2007

hola… senyore,

nice to know ur werabouts…. it has always been a pleasue reading ur posts…. looking forward to the next one..

4. ajeya - January 9, 2008

hey esprit! dropping in after a while. nice to know you’re back at school! it’s must be great to be in a classroom again. hope you enjoy the course. and keep writing of course 🙂

5. silverine - February 12, 2008

Hellooooo anyone here?

6. Satandit - February 21, 2008

~Heya….neat to know whats happening in your life …far far away…..education at a higher level abroad is so much more hands-on isnt it ?? and hey what about it being ‘current’ ?? either ways…good luck and all that…

do keep writing…~~

7. silverine - March 28, 2008

Good to see your comment! 🙂 Shake off that laziness and blog!

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