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Au revoir…! September 22, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Bandstand Stories, I, Me and Myself....

Well, to the Indian shores, anyways…

And also to wierd hours at Bandstand, contemplating on how life sucks while watching the waves roll in. How everybody else seemed to have it made, but where the hell was my life headed? Sitting on Bandra promenade trying to figure out what’s on the mind of a friend, knowing whats up, but still not being able to say anything about it. Then giving in to a “higher power” to help settle the issue, being happy that i made a choice, rather than living in the comfort of having the choice being made for me.

Gorging on the most amazing half-fried eggs at 2.30 am outside Santa Cruz station. Enjoying nalli nihari at Noor Mohammadi at 6:00 am, and having bheja fry and pav at Raju bhai’s at Saat Bungla area.

Drinking hundreds of black coffee with Equal, at all the possible coffee shops in the city. The fresh lime soda’s at Toto’s on New Years, the Bacardi-Sprites at On Toes.

Getting up every morning to go the most god forsaken remotest place in the city, and calling it my work place. The work environment was great, but the location was a little better than hell…!

Spending weekends, single and not-so-single, at malls, movie theatres and scattered eating joints across the city. 

Walking, or more frankly, swimming vertically through the 26th July type rains that tend to hit Bombay once a while. Jeez, nothing beats the memories of that one day.

Knowing that friends and family were just a phone call away. Never making that call anyways, but still managing to keep in touch. They’re friends. Love em or leave em, they’re still gonna be there for me, just as i will be there for them.

Extended family and friends. N’atya (a close aunt) hand feeding us cousins – “grown up, but still kids at heart”. (Any non family member sees us at a family meal will think we cousins are crazy. But, what to do, we are like this only!) 

Mum’s cooking. Dad’s “do-it-this-way, coz it’s my way, and the right way” look everytime i did something. Their ranting everytime i didn’t do something they wanted me to. Mum and Dad.

I’d trade in almost all of the 58kgs i’m allowed to take with me when i fly to the UK on Tuesday morning, for these and tons of other intangible stuff that i have to say goodbye too.

i know, everybody says “you’ll get used to it, dont worry. It’s all going to be fine. once you get used to it, you won’t want to come back” But you know what, whatever cliche you tell me, life’s not going to be the same in a different country and a different continent, without my support group with me. Coz a part of me is here, and that part, i will always miss. However soon i adapt to the life and the culture there. I’m sure Bournemouth Pier is amazing, and i’ll fall in love with it. But whenever i’m lonely, i’ll always be at the pier, wishing i was in the comfort of the Bandstand promenade, watching young Romeos and Juliets try and steal a few private moments from the harsh reality of Bombay.

Coz be it ever so humble, pot-holed, smelly, loud, polluted, filthy, yet with a people of undying spirit, there ain’t no place like home. And home – where ever i go, and where ever i live – is and will always be apna Bombay!

Cheers people. More later. Maybe from the UK. Apologies for the long sabbatical. Life had been really hectic.  



1. Anonymous - September 23, 2007

All the best. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Take care.

2. Satandit - September 27, 2007

~~Hey, good luck to ya mate, and even though it is a cliche and nothing feels like home like home does….you’ll make through…C ya around …Bon Voyage~~

3. Anonymous - October 3, 2007


all the best… i know how it feels to miss your home… all the best..
hope life doesn’t keep you from blogging sphere.. your blogs always awaken my unknown feelings…


4. silverine - November 6, 2007

You take your reader with you through every word, every syllable…such is the way you write….Yet another hypnotic post. I am blogrolling you. Dont know why I didn’t do it all along, but am rectifying my oversight!

5. CK - November 24, 2007

Hey hi buddy,
u will be able to come thru..the memories will sail u thru whenever u are alone…
take care

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