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the true first family of indian cinema… May 8, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

Sitting at home, in the early hours of the morning, filling in my passport reissue forms, and i happen to see something on the television that just happened to get me thinking…

Just saw the “Kajara re” video from “Bunti aur Babli”. 3 Bachchans. Amitabh, Abhishekh and Aishwarya. The father, the son, and the bahu (daughter-in-law) / wife…A video in which the bahu (Aishwarya) is seducing her father-in-law (Amitabh) in front of her husband (Abhishekh). Man, they had chemistry in that video. Amitabh and Aishwarya. Aishwarya and Abhishekh. Not to mention Amitabh and Abhishekh.

Were Abhishekh and Aishwarya serious about each other back when this video was shot? Did they know about two years down the line they would get married? Did Aishwarya know that the older guy her character was supposed to be seducing in the song was to eventually be her father-in-law? Did Amitabh even imagine that one day the ‘madam’ whose ‘chaal’ he admires in the song was to become his bahu one day? And what must Jaya Bachchan must have been thinking, sitting on the sidelines? In retrospect, boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Whatever be the case, you’ve got to admit, it’s one heck of a video. Just enough risque, without being crass. And whatever be the status of their personal relations, the three of them look absoutely stunning on-screen. Totally professional. One of the very few times, that Aishwarya actually looks human on screen, and not just a beautiful, wax model. Maybe, she knew and was comfortable sharing the screen with her soon-to-be family.

Brand Bachchan (or Family Bachchan, as the Big B calls it) is undoubtedly the first family of Indian movie industry. Professionally, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan have (with some help from Abhishekh and Aishwarya in recent times) carved a niche for themselves and the Family Bachchan, which probably not only rivals but also leaves behind the legacy built by Raj Kapoor in his hay days. With due apologies to her for commenting on their private affairs, makes you feel sorry for Karishma. I, and zillions of others, will never know what went wrong with her and Abhishekh, but from the way it looks, it only worked in Aishwarya’s favour…

Cheers to you Mr. Bachchan. Congrats on the recent marriage in the family. And don’t bother about the sour media. They’ve got nothing else to do. True fans (I would like to count myself among them), respect your desire for privacy and don’t grudge you your actions. You’ve entertained us long enough on screen, and you most certainly don’t have to do the same in your real life too…

Wish you, and Family Bachchan, all the best in the future…!



1. poemer - May 10, 2007

While I’m not familiar with any of the characters you’ve mentioned, I enjoyed reading this post (and several others) just the same. School’s almost out, so maybe I’ll have more time to keep up this summer.
It sounds like life is treating you well….Hope I hear from you soon!

2. Anonymous - May 11, 2007

nice post:) glad you wrote..considering we’d had a discussion about this family some time ago, remember?..very well written and i agree to your point of view:) its time, they had some real life off the reel life they lead.
btw, missed ur blogging..blog a little more regularly:)

3. Anonymous - May 11, 2007

hope my previous comment got registered:) tc.

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