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the five minute storm April 22, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

After a really long time, I spent the last weekend in Pune. Most often than not, I enjoy going to Pune for a day or so, partly because I know I am going to be back to the land of the sane – ie. Bombay – soon enough. Also, the weather there is better than back home in Bombay, and because it’s a city with a laid back attitude, where time can drag on, or speed up, depending on how you pace yourself. Unlike Bombay where, as PuLa once wrote, “Mumbaikaracha ghadyal tyachya haatala bandhlela nasun, tyachya nasheebala bandhlela asta”. In Pune, you don’t have such a compulsion. Puneris live their life on their terms. And they dont care even if hardass Bombaites like me think that they may be half-crazy, at times. They think we are equally crazy, if not more. So, the Bombay-Pune equation balances itself out.

But, getting to the topic at hand, I really like visiting Pune now and then because of all the memories I have amassed in the 2 years that I was there, during my postgraduation. Last weekend, as luck would have it, I relived one of those memories again. Well, not exactly in the same way, but here’s what happened…

I had just finished off some work at M G Road, and found myself with some spare time, in the late afternoon, before I caught the bus back to Bombay in the evening. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and those brave – or should I say crazy enough – to endure the oppressive summer heat, were making the rounds of the numerous malls that are now scattered over the Camp area. I was aimlessly wandering around in the lanes behind Dorabjee, trying to locate a Biryani joint that I had once been to. I had gone there with a somebody I knew a long time back.

Aside : I wonder where he is now? Crazy, the number of people who enter our lives, and whose lives we enter, for a short time, and whoosh, they just disappear! Wish life came with a recall button on a remote. Go back to times in the past, and meet those who you may have lost touch with today. Take their numbers, email IDs, snail mail addys, ’coz you don’t know when you will meet them the last time. But that’s the matter for another post!

Anyways, this ‘single serving’ friend had once taken me to the biryani joint a really long time back. No such luck, finding it this time. I have been trying to locate that place for over 4 years now, but I still have no idea where it is. (If anybody knows the place I am talking about, please drop me a line. I don’t know the name, but I think its shares its name with Dorabjee, the mall, or some other famous mall / shop / something in the Camp area. It’s a small place, with wooden doors and ancient style construction. Looks more like a toddy shop, rather than a biryani place. Ring any bells?)

As I reached the small square behind WestEnd, and Aurora Towers, I remembered a time long ago, when I was walking down that same road with someone, about four summers back. It was early evening, two days before my first job interview, and we were searching for a place to buy me a shirt, before heading out for dinner. Shopping done, we were making our way to the restaurant, when all of a sudden, without any warning, the wind picked up, and a storm wind engulfed everything in sight. Weak branches were ripped off trees, unchained cycles toppled over and were dragged around before the hapless owners could pick them up and hold them down. Everybody was caught totally unawares in the sudden dust storm that followed. As we hurried over to the rooftop restaurant where we had planned to have dinner, clouds gathered overhead and the sky grew darker. Almost as soon as we sat on down at our table, right beside the low terrace wall, the rains began in earnest. And the rest of our meal was accompanied by brilliant lightening flashes and the sounds of rumbling thunder far away.

And, last week, as I retraced the same steps I had taken four years back, casually thinking of those days long gone and smiling to myself, something amazing happened. The wind picked up, and I saw my memory turn to reality, right before my eyes. Just like that, a dust wind engulfed everything in sight once again. Weak twigs and branches were ripped off trees. Cycles toppled over and were thrown around. Posters of political leaders, and movie stars, hanging from overhead power cables began fluttering in the skies above, threatening to break away and come crashing down. A rogue waste paper basket tumbled along the now almost empty streets, as people clamoured to find shelter under shop shutters and anywhere else they could find. And then the rains came down. And as I got wet all over again in the first rains, after so many years, for a short while, all other bitter sweet memories of Pune came crashing back again.

To those, who helped me find myself back then, I hope I can be there for you as you were there for me.

And to those who, who even with their smallest of actions, make a positive difference in my life everyday, thank you. May you never sleep alone. May your dreams be happy ones, and be filled with thoughts of the person you love the most. And may the the person you love the most, dream of only you…

God, it feels good to be alive!



1. The Better Half - April 28, 2007

Hello hello espritnoir….have been trying to get in touch with you for ages!!!! Finally found your blog….please to give e-mail id so I can write to you. Don’t rack your brains (!!!) trying to figure out who this is….will give you a clue….this is the friend who really really really embarassed you at her wedding reception. Remember?????

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