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from instant noodles to kababs and baida rotis… February 12, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Miscellaneous.

Well, once again, i seem to have promised something on the blog, and not been able to follow it up. The truth is, i spent the whole of yesterday (like most of Friday evening, and Saturday) looking up post grad courses in the UK. Filling in application forms, getting details off the Net, searching sample Reco letters, finally learning what a course transcript was, and the works. What with life at a stage where i have to make certain decisions – and soon – about how i want my future to shape up, i am looking at this course in Marketing Communications in the UK. At Bournemouth Media School. Nice little town near the South of England, right by the seaside. Also, a few other Marketing majors, in other places. Having never done this before, and having a tight deadline for making these applications for courses starting later this year, its a royal pain in the ass…Hope i make it in time. Lets see, how that progresses. Have a couple of other options lined up as well, but more on those later…

And in all that crazed action over the weekend, the promised reviews went down for a toss. But, i won’t leave you starving. For food, at least. Here’s a quick tip. A food review, if you will. If you are ever in the Four Bungalows side, in the Market, near Chinese Pavilion, is a kabab wala called Rajubhai. If you are tired of eating in fancy restaurants, with AC and elevator music, and want to trade it in for a “get down and dirty” kind of eating joint, which serves great tasting food, with value for money, go to Rajubhai. An ideal time would be, after you’ve had a guys night out, a couple of drinks down, and need to catch up on a late dinner before you make your way home. (Hopefully, you are in a cab or a rickshaw, and not driving yourself after the drinks. Responsible drinking is so much more enjoyable!) Once you reach there, even before you order, the aroma of the food hits you like a ten ton bomb. Its the perfect combination of masalas, the sizzling hot butter on the tava, and the marinaded meat. Even if you are not hungry, it will whet up your appetite.

Do yourself a favour, and don’t look at the laminated menu. Wade your way thru the six-seven people who are crowded around the stall, tucking away to glory to culinary heaven, and just ask the main guy there, (obviously Raju bhai), “Rajubhai, khane ke liye kya doge aaj?” (“What will you serve us today, Rajubhai?”) Listen to what he patters off. Chicken masala, bheja fry, kaleji, gurda kapoora, gurda fry, chicken tikka masala, sheekh kabab, mutton masala, kheema, baida roti roll, chicken masala rice…the list is endless. Make your choice, and if it’s a gravy dish, ask for pav along with it. He normally serves warmed up roomali rotis with it, but at times, they are slightly tough to chew. So, ask for pav. Try to distract your mind, while he prepares your order. Enjoy the aroma, from what the others around you are eating. If you have some company, make small talk with them. Just like it’s not polite to stare, it’s not too polite to sniff too. Even if it is meant as a compliment to the chef. If you do, try to keep it discreet. Once your order is ready, dip the pav in the masala gravy, let it soak in for a few seconds, and then savour the … abey, itna footage khayega, to khaana kaun khayega? What are you waiting for so long? Break loose! Like I said before, this aint’ a fine dining place. So, forget any airs you may have. Roll up your sleeves, dig into your food with your fingers, and enjoy the experience. I guarantee you, the aftertaste will last with you long after you are safely tucked away in the soft comforts of your bed.

That’s it for now, folks. Have a great Monday morning, and a great week ahead!




1. Satandit - February 12, 2007

~~ooyee,where have you been for so long???
and yes, i have had the pleasure of ‘rajubhais’ food..i,for one can say,it is worth it all.
glad you’r back..do keep bloggin tho..and good luck with the college search~~~

2. EspritNoir - February 15, 2007

hey satandit,
thanks for coming back. things have been, well, unusual lately, to put it very mildly. so been away from the regular blogging. but i intend to make this start – stop – start – stop habit a thing of the past…wish me luck..:)

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