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instant noodles at three a.m. February 11, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

Just got off the phone with somebody, and all of a sudden, my stomach decided that it was hungry. My appetite was, as they say, whetted. For food, as well as for some writing. But first things first, and so, to silence the growling pangs of a hungry stomach, I had to organize for some food, and fast! Which was an easier task said, than done. A quick look in the kitchen revealed nothing. Nothing worth eating anyways. (Oatmeal I ain’t having ! Not that desperate, as yet) So, I picked up a menu from one of the bar type restaurants in my locality. Called them up, will you send food over? At this hour (then, it was a mere one fifty three am) ? You do, great! Will call you back and order in a second…Off the phone, almost finalized the order. Bheja masala fry and chicken Patiala, with garam pav. Awesome!! Delicious! Greasy. Fattening.. Potentially life-threatening…! Not the best option right now. So, did a quick relook at the kitchen. In the middle of the night, divine intervention. Maggie. Never looked better than it did right now.

So, a quick toss of the frying pan later, here I am, sitting up at two twelve am in the morning, with a laptop en face and a dish of instant noodles and eggs beside me.  The hunger pangs are satisfied. But how do I satisfy the creative pangs? What do I write about? I have a lot of things to talk about. Loads. Tons, even. The last few months, especially the last month or so, have been quite eventful. A lot of ups, and a few downs. At the professional as well as the personal front. However, it wouldn’t serve any purpose. Shouting out good news from the rooftops, or even venting out my frustrations here. This may or may not be the right forum. Now, here’s a dilemma. How personal should be a personal blog? Should a blog be just a chalkboard for all the thoughts that are scribbled in the mind, day in and day out? Or should it be a  cryptic diary, where you share only bits and pieces, so that you don’t compromise the identities and actions of the people around you, that involuntarily shape up what you write?

Anyways, after I wrote that last para, well-satiated by Maggie, I promptly fell asleep at about 3:10am, and woke up only when I heard the phone ringing at the unearthly hour of 8:45. Woke up, did the usual bit, read a few front pages of the newspaper, watched a bit of TV, and reinforced by a really strong mug of black coffee, I am back in front of the laptop, at a respectable 10:30am. As I re-read the last sentence I wrote in the wee hours of the morning, I have made up my mind about the dilemma.  I am clearly going to side step the issue. At least until the coffee does its act, and wakes up my still lazy brain anyways…

So, I think I am going to add a review or two, in the reviews section today. Haven’t ever got along to doing that since I started this blog, so I might as well start now…So, go ahead, take a walk, write a few letters, make a few calls, and generally do whatever it is you do when you aren’t here, reading this. Come back in a while, a few hours later, and you might just see another post. Maybe a review, if you are lucky. And if its not there, go back and finish that letter and come back tomorrow. I’l have something cooked up then…Cheers!





1. Anonymous - May 30, 2007

Anyone who has lived in a hostel or lived alone even knows the beauty of a 2 minute noodle packet… it is a lifebuoy, a saviour of procastinators, a lover of stare and eat and think nothing! 😀 and of course a brilliant experiment ground for any kind of masala that you wish to add… try it with Chhole or Pao bhaji masala, tastes kickass 😉

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