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The Inheritance of Loss February 4, 2007

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

Some people inherit power, others inherit wealth. Some inherit both, and are better off for it. Unfortunate are those, however, who inherit the arrogance that arises from being able to abuse the power of wealth. It (by ‘it’, i mean the arrogance, not the wealth) leads some to pass off achievements of others, as their own. Somebody else’s formidable bank statements more than overcompensate for their own fairly inadequate ones. It (again, i refer to the arrogance) makes a free, independent spirit into a  subservient slave to their own demonic fears, and insecurity. It (and again, i refer to the attitude) makes one forget that an inheritance – be it from parents, or from a wealthy, attractive spouse – is still an inheritance, and by nature as slippery as the proverbial eel. Like so many compromises today, that pass off as strong and happy relationships – but underneath it all, so often mired in the weak foundations of physical attraction, a fondness for wealth and the promise of a good sex life – it (finally, i refer to the wealth, that is not earned but inherited so easily in life, and all the assorted pleasures it can buy), may or may not last a lifetime. And if, and when, it (the wealth, and the subsequent goodies bought with it) does pass on, it (here ‘it’ just refers to ‘it’. as a part of grammar. something, je ne sais quoi?:) ) leaves one that much more poorer. In wealth, and in spirit.



1. Anon. - February 5, 2007

Excellent Post.
Loved it. Short and precise.
Write more often, you’ve been away for long.
welcome back:)

2. espritnoir - February 8, 2007

Thanks for your comment. It’s nice to know that you’ve been missed! Will be back with more posts…do keep looking up the site…


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