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Post Diwali Post! October 30, 2006

Posted by espritnoir in I, Me and Myself....

I am now going to try something crazy, and improbable. I will try and put up at least a post a week. I decided that during the recent holidays, no idea what made me think it up. But maybe it has something to do with the way things are getting so hectic at work. And in life, in general. This is one way of making sense if things in my head, and I think it’s time, I made more of an effort to sort out my life, than ever before. Maybe it will make sense, maybe it won’t. But it will still be something. And like a good friend keeps saying, “at least something is better than ajibaat nothing!”

So, this is my first post, post-Diwali. Hope you all had a safe and sound Diwali, and a peaceful Eid, surrounded in the company of friends and family. As for me, I spent the first two days of Diwali all alone at home, as I couldn’t join my folks in their trip to Tirupati. It felt different, not being together with my family, this Diwali. Every year, Diwali is one time, we try to spend together. We usually go to real remote places, far away from the rising decibel and smoke levels in Bombay. My sister gets married next year, before Diwali, and I think I missed an opportunity here. Well, I intend to organize a family picnic before next year, so that’s something to look forward to.  

Anyways, be it ever so lonesome, it was a good Diwali, though. The first two days of Diwali, that I was not working, I spent doing 4 things I love the most. Well, actually 3 things that I love the most and a fourth thing that I also happen to enjoy.  Its not a vice as yet. So, I’ll get to that last.

And that meant, sleeping all day;  after a hectic schedule at work that still refuses to quit, I really think I deserved it. So I slept. And slept. And then, slept a little bit more! In my bedroom, on the ledge of the balcony of my room, in the cool draught of the AC in the living room, like a fat lazy cat, I just roamed around in the house, searching for a nice spot to sleep.

And when I wasn’t sleeping, I did my real passion in life : watching movies and the Discovery Travel & Living Channel on TV. I say Ice Age again, then I saw Flyod on India : Kerala on India Week ; then I started watching To Kill a Mockingbird, but that was a little too serious for the occasion, so I went on to watching Alain Bourdain travel to Rajasthan and pick up some cooking skills from a Maharana of something. And I saw Jaime Oliveir cook up a storm in the kitchen, and saw bits and pieces of a show called, I Do, Lets Eat! Cookery classes over, I saw one of my favourite movies for a mature audience, The Thomas Crowne Affair, with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. And my day was made!

And as and when I fancied it, in the two and a half days I was alone, I indulged in my secret passion : cooking.  Whenever I saw a cookery show, I cooked. I fried some sausages in olive oil, and flambed it in some scotch. I cooked an amazing (even if only I say so) rice dish, with sausages, eggs, Maggie Masala cubes and lots of garlic. I made my personal favourite : omlettes and pav. And followed it up with my Sunday specials : fried eggs and pav.  I also made, for the first time ever, a chicken dish, straigt from scratch. And that means, going out to the butchers to get the chicken, getting all the ingredients, making some experimentation to customize the dish to suit me, and voila, 2 hours and 2 beers later, the chicken is cooked to perfection. Well, truth be told, it was pretty bland, and lacked a little bit of spice, but at least I didn’t die of food poisoning, so I was happy.

And the last but, not the least thing, when ever I cooked, or ate whatever I cooked,  I enjoyed a drink or two!  Or maybe a little bit more than a few!  Aah, to watch a movie, with a cold beer in your hand, eating a meal you have cooked yourself, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Heaven!

With that thought in mind, I bid you adieu for now. Next time this week I will be in the city of the Charminar and the famed Biryani. So, I intend to look out for all the best eating joints in Hyderabad, and bring them to your attention next week. Stay tuned!

Adios, a-me-goes!



1. Satandit - November 2, 2006

ooooh..that sounds heavenly…and i mean all of it. this is the way i love spending my days off..ofcourse i wud love to go to some exotic location and while away my time fending off goodlooking hunks 😛

am glad u got to realx..and had i known you were on a cook-a-thon- fest..i wud have joined ya 😛

be good my dear and enjoy hydrebad

2. Akshay - November 4, 2006

Paragraph 6…yummy!

3. satandit - November 6, 2006

oooh..i did leave a message fo ryou here espirit…but I dont see it anymore…

am glad you had fun this deewali…for me i love festivals..and i love to cook..so with indian festivals….i get ot do both

have fun in hyd

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