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“Because I did it.” September 5, 2006

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He broke all rules, and gave the world the motto, “Image is Everything”…

Then he broke his own motto, and became the living personification of his sponsors tag line. “Just Do It”…

He started off as an outsider, a joke not to be taken seriously. He was still running down the baselines and winning tournaments when his peers had long given up tennis for golfing and business ventures…

He started off dressed in pink and blue, with long hair, and ended looking respectable in white. Bald.

And in all this, he won hearts of fans, with his panache, his tennis skills, his determination, and his charisma. And most of all, his simplicity.

He played not because it gave him fame, money or power. He played for the love of the game, and for his fans.

Andre Agassi.

There may have been better players, though a very limited few, but none, and i mean none, brought as much zest, colour and life on the tennis court as much as Andre Agassi did.

Press Interview after his final game at the 2006 US Open

“I look at young guys who are talented who make us aware of life’s endless cycle. I look at the life ahead of them, the journey ahead of them. It’s so evenly balanced between me seeing how many great things they have to look forward to, at the same time how much I wouldn’t do it again.” says Agassi.

Why not, a reporter asked.

“Because I did it,” Agassi said, then paused waiting for the laughter to die down. “Because I did it.”

All the best, Andre, in whatever you do next.

You damn well did it all…! 



1. Ajeya - September 5, 2006

A great man. From no.1 to no.141 and back to no.1, you gotta give it to him. A living legend.

2. Nams - September 5, 2006

Excellent post.

Check out this web site, it gives you the videos of his last match, his first post retirement interview and all his previous commercials as well.

Thats the link, to the famous commercial with his son:)Awesome one:)
Agassi Rocks:)

3. neha - September 6, 2006

I wish Andre wouldn’t go away but on the other hand I’m glad he can rest and get healthy again. His future holds in store for him wonderful things for sure!

And, he still rules!! He sure does.. 🙂

4. silverine - October 4, 2006

Lovely post. You know when you leave a comment on my post I know it has turned out good. You are sort of a “post merit indicator” and I am copyrighting you! :p

“You stink! Get out of my office. And DAIVA SAIDU KADAVU MUDAVUM behind you!!!” ROTFL That was damn cheeky!!!

I love Chennai and everything about it. the wide roads, the good network of transport, the orderly traffic and the most friendliest people after Kolkata. And the food….the variety is amazing. This is a city that lives to eat. And you rightly said, we southies can’t make Rotis to save our lives!! 🙂 This was a riveting read, held my attention till the end!

p.s can I use html tags here?

5. EspritNoir - October 5, 2006

hi silverine,
gosh, i never thought i could turn red in the face, esp at work, but you almost succeeded in making that happen today. wow…”post merit indicator”, thats some title. i hope i can live upto those standards in the future too. wow. i am still blushing:)

chennai is a great place, really liked it, although i spent a really short time there, i would love to visit again. will be in hyderabad next month, and am really looking forward to that too:) the last few times that i was there, i really enjoyed the place.

apologies for not approving the comments earlier, didn’t check my mail in over 24 hrs, hence the delay. also, wanted to remind you, in wordpress, the link for making a comment for the post are at the top of the post, near the title. unlike blogspot, where its at the bottom. i think you are used to the blogspot manner. thats why this comment has appeared in the “agassi” post rather than in the comments section of the “daiva saidu…” post. (hope you got that:)

cheers for now…:)

6. nick - October 26, 2006

Lovely post…

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