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For everything else, there’s MasterCard… August 27, 2006

Posted by espritnoir in Uncategorized.

Just a quick post to let people know, i’m still alive…was checking a couple of blogs after a long while, and came across this … Read the one titled “Priceless”


Am working on a couple of posts, and yes, although i know i’ve said it before, i will be back soon…bear with me…

cheers till then



1. Satandit - August 28, 2006

you know ? I had just popped into your blog to leave a message…asking you where you were,and why havent you written since you moved here..yadda yadda…

Come back soon 🙂

2. silverine - September 2, 2006

“I think the reason why people are generous enough to read my blog regularly is because, it’s not a fancy author weaving yarns about life, success, fortunes and other great things. It’s a blog about a small individual, who is happy being lost in the world, and his thoughts and dreams, and his take on life in general”

Exactly!!! A blog is a personal diary and a personal diary is where you are the most sincere and truthful. It is the one place where you can have your say without worrying about what people would say or think. And so it becomes a sort of an automatic screening and sorting place of people who empathise with you or not … a win win situation don’t you think ? 🙂

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