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Tagged… May 21, 2006

Posted by espritnoir in Random Thoughts....

Ok, I’ve been tagged. Well, not exactly, but I picked this one up from Silverine’s blog. The idea is to list down 10 simple things, that give you great pleasure. So, here goes my list, or as Julie Andrews put it so well… “These are a few of my favourite things…”

1)Time spent beside the ocean. Maybe by myself, or with someone who understands the volumes spoken though comfortable silences…(Preferably the latter)

2)Calvin and Hobbes. I could just spend hours and hours reading the strips. And all over again. I think that’s possibly one of the cleanest, funniest, and yet most thought provoking comic strip / part of literature (I don’t think it’s any less than Literature) ever.

3)Listening to some great music while I’m out for a long drive at night, just trying to sort things out in my mind, or just for the fun of it. As an extension, just going out for a long drive, on a good clear road. I love it when the weather’s just right, so that I can roll down the windows, and hear the whooshing sound of the wind as it rushes past my ear.

4)Rains and everything associated with it. Getting wet in the first rains after a long and hot summer in Bombay. Petrichor – the fragrant scent of the wet earth, after the rains. Coffee and bhajiyas in the rains. The crazy romantic ideas that enter my mind in the monsoons. Watching the turbulent waves smash against the Worli seaface promenade in the rains, and rise high up in the air, and come splashing down on the adjoining pavement. I love almost everything.

5)The warm touch of paper after it has just come out of an laser printer. I just love holding a sheaf of printed papers just out of a laser printer, especially on a cold day.

6)Reading something really well written and heartfelt. Whether it’s a short fairy tale for adults (“The Little Prince”) or a Byron poem (“When We Two Parted”) or a mournful song for the dead beloved (Song IX by W H Auden. “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone…” The one used in the film “Four Weddings and A Funeral”) And even more so, when you can really feel the emotion the author was going through when it was written, as you transpose your own similar experiences on to the words on paper.

7)Lying back on my back on the highest point of my building terrace, the water tank, at night, from where all I can see is the sky above me. Nothing else comes in the periphery of my vision. The calming effect of seeing nothing but the stars in the vast inky blue and black expanse above, is almost therapeutic.

8)The smell of freshly baked pav (an Indian bread, something similar to the western bun), just out of the oven. Buttered pav and fresh eggs, sunny side up, is the perfect combination for Sunday breakfast.

9)Checking my email, and finding an unexpected mail in there, from somebody who has been out of touch for so long. Or finding 3 (or even 1) new comments on my latest blogpost. Either ways, it feels good to know that somewhere, somebody tried to reach out to you.

10)Being able to sleep in on a working day, when I don’t have to go to work till lunch.

That’s it for me. I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot of things, but I only had 10 to write about. This tag is open to everybody who wants to have a go at it. Do try it. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but you do get a chance to think about all the things that you really like a lot.

Hope you enjoy thinking about your favourite things…



1. silverine - May 21, 2006

Lots of similarities I see here 🙂

1. Time spent beside the ocean: Yes, the Ocean is dreamy and it’s lull just drifts you away into a nice kinda place.
2.Listening to music on long drives is something I absolutely adore!!! But I need a driver to enjoy the music as I get lost in it 😉
3.Staring at the night sky from the terrace and imagining a sitaron se aage duniya mmm
4.Checking e-mails and Fried Egg sunny side up yummmmm
5. Petrichor..smells so wonderful 🙂

*sighhh* wish we could list more. There are so many more wonderful yet simple pleasures in life!. Lovely list you got here. Reminded me of a lot of things I didnt list 🙂

p.s. ur comments window took ages to open 😦

2. Anonymous - May 24, 2006

Who ever said you were clueless??
I enjoyed reading a few things.
Take care.
Guess Who???

3. namrata - May 24, 2006

nice thght by silverine actually:)made me think of my 10 favourite things..:)the 4th and the 6th i love too..:)

4. EspritNoir - May 25, 2006

@silverrine: Marcom. Notch up one more similarity;)

@anon: now, how clueless would i have to be not to recognise you…:) if i hadn’t, it would have just invited another punch in the guts;)

@namrata: put the thoughts to blog then. “Guess Who” should try this list too…it’d be interesting…all the best

5. Ajeya - May 26, 2006

Great list!

It’s funny how we go out and spend huge amounts of money to have a “good” time when all we need is a tank on the terrace or a fresh hot pav. I mean how can you compare the smell of the wet earth to a meal at a fancy restaurant?

It makes me wonder, do we really know what we want? I don’t.

6. EspritNoir - May 26, 2006

@ajeya: thanx for the response. ’tis true, how we often ignore the small joys of life, in search of bigger & better pleasures. “it’s so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple.” a quote which i think is really amazing. frankly, neither do i know what i want. but i think those of us who don’t are at an advantage over those who think they know what they want, and having it, are busy wondering why they are still unhappy… so, at least we know we have to keep looking, which by itself is great fun sometimes…:)

7. The Entropy of Smruthy - May 28, 2006

:)… the dreamer in you surfaces.. always a pleasure…

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