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Hell, I’m Neo! Opinions invited! This should be an interesting debate! May 13, 2006

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What Character From The Matrix Are You?

You are Neo, the chosen one, the slayer of agents everywhere. A former nerd, you have evolved into quite a stubborn hero.Although Trinity is not that hot, at least you’re one of the few that can get some in the real world. You can stop bullets and you’re immmortal; so what the hell are you going to do in Matrix: Reloaded?!”Yeah. Wow, that sounds like a really good deal. But I think I got a better one. How about I give you the finger… and you give me my phone call.”
Take this quiz!

“Hell. This is so cheesy…lol. I can’t believe i akly put this up…” (EspritNoir)



1. namrata - May 13, 2006

Very interesting:)You should tell me, if my result suits me, i donno:)
“You are the Oracle. Grandmotherly (you HAVE been with the Resistance since the beginning, after all), you tell people exactly what they need to hear in order to get them to follow their destinies.
Although not a combatant (as far as we know), your knowledge is just as powerful as Neo’s arsenal of guns.
“What’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything.” “

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