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A Quiet Christmas Weekend December 27, 2005

Posted by espritnoir in I, Me and Myself..., Random Thoughts....

Merry Christmas to all my readers, and friends and family. Hope you have a peaceful holiday season, amidst laughter and merriment of your loved ones.

Am spending Christmas weekend at my favourite aunt’s house near Alibag. Lots of cousins, lots of noise, lots of fun. I am not sure how she does it, but this aunt, manages to keep a smile on in spite of everything. As a child, more than my mother, me and my sis used to be under her control. The closest character I can think of comparing her with is Wooster’s Aunt Dahlia. A caustic tongue, but a heart of pure gold. A perfect manager, who manages to share the last few bites of her amti-bhat or pav bhaji between six hungry, kids in their mid-20s with such diplomacy that everyone thinks he or she have the biggest bit. Patton, or any other general couldn’t hold a candle to her. God probably made a one in a million piece when he made her.

Anyways, as usual Alibag is good fun. Nothing about quite beats the simple joy of walking down a sandy beach at daybreak, with the ice-cold water gently lapping at your ankles. If you pay attention, you can almost feel time slow down to a nice comfortable crawl (only if you are an outsider, mind you. For those who live here, life begins before dawn, and ends long after the rest of the world has nodded off to sleep). As I walked down the beach early Sunday morning, I see sights that I miss in the city. The sun slowly coming up, breaking the still of the night, with the first rays of light. Dogs playfully running around, nipping at each other’s necks and legs. My sunken footsteps on the wet sand, leaving a disappearing trail behind me. On an impulse, with my toe, I write the name of the first girl I had a crush on. I stand there watching her name, etched in sand. As the waves roll in, her name is distorted a bit, and then as the waves roll back again, its gone. I smile and I move on.

After the walk, me and my cousins walked all the way to a small ramshackle canteen, where they serve the best vada-pav in the area. Well, we’ve been going there for so long that it tastes the best, anyways. The fact that the quiet lazy hamlet that we were in does not have any other vada-pav joint doesn’t even come to our mind. Like so many other things in life, you just accept and love things as they are. So, a quiet leisurely walk, and hot vada-pav later, we walk on home.

The rest of the day was equally well spent. All of us chipped in for preparing lunch. Somebody chopped onions and tomatoes and then left to play with the kittens. Another made parathas and then was dragged off by our kid cousin to see something spectacular he had discovered. Somebody else made the baingan ka bharta, and quietly left off for a stroll. Me, I made the chatnis. And then I walked off and fell asleep, only to be woken up for lunch.

And soon, it was evening, and a 3 hour drive brought us back to reality. Bombay. Home.

As I put my head on my pillow and fell asleep, the last thought that hit me was ‘Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays.’

Once again, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Hope you enjoy it with the ones who love you.

(I will return with the conclusion to my earlier post in a couple of days. Do come back.)



1. Anonymous - December 29, 2005

Beautiful Post..keep writing:)Happy New Year:)
Hope 2006 brings you all the happiness you’ve ever wanted:)

2. silverine - February 4, 2006

I was in Goa in November last and I would get up early to be the beach. Walking in the cold water with no one around was a joy. I would walk for hours while waiting for the family to join me for bfast at one of the shacks. It’s surprising how time slows to a crawl as you said when you are away from the city. And what a wonderful break it is to just slip out of the city to the rural areas. Makes you human again.

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