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Fear August 10, 2005

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Fear scares. Fear grips. Fear paralyses. Fear terrorizes.

Fear of darkness. Fear of light. Of failure. Of success. Bondage. Liberation. Death. Life.

Of all of human emotions and feelings that make us distinctly human, fear is the most potent. It makes us more mortal than we already are. It steals upon us, and covers us in a cloak of insanity, when we least expect it. Some fears we know, some take us unawares. Some we learn to live with. Some we learn to ignore. Some fears motivate us. Some fears inhibit us. Keep us from being the real person, who we are. Fear of failing. Of becoming a loser. Ridiculed. Laughed at. Singled out.

But, in reality, fear liberates us. From ourselves, our surroundings. Our consciousness. Our demons.

Facing our fears, help us become the person we all want to be. It makes you know what you want to be.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you fear the most. You will know more about yourself than you did before.

You will know your mission in life.

I did. And now, I do. Know more.

I fear dying alone. Not having made any difference in the life of anyone.

I now know my mission.

Get to know your fear. Get to know your mission.



1. Anonymous - September 16, 2005

i think its impossible for anyoen to die like that… no one dies w;o making a diff.. but then again, it depends on how much diff u want to make… but along ti way u touch lives and make diff in the most unusual way. even the bad things u do make others realise something or the other.. even thats a diff.. đŸ™‚ its just a stingy way of looking at things..


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