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Lady Hunterwali April 6, 2005

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Well, two weeks are up, and now my 15 day vacation from work comes to an end. Tomorrow, its off to work again for me. The same old daily grind, till the next vacation comes along.

Spent 5 awesome days in Goa this vacation. Saw and met a few interesting people there. But none more so than this one lady I met on my train journey back from Goa to Bombay. A journalist, she works for a leading English national daily. I happen to know somebody else who works there, whom she knew as well, and this became a kind of lead in to a very interesting conversation over the next few hours with … “Lady Hunterwali”. No, that’s not her name, but since I would prefer not to name her, I’ll use the nickname I had mentally coined for her soon after we got along chatting a bit more. Why Hunterwali? Well, in a world where most people, me included, would put up with “bad behavior” merely to avoid unpleasant confrontation with others, she goes on actively to make people realize that bad behavior in public is simply not acceptable to everybody. She is on a crusade to make people realize that public places are not littering grounds for coffee cups, chocolate wrappers, leftover food and other trash. All through the journey, every single time she saw somebody attempting to litter the pretty scenery whizzing past us outside the train, she would lash out her imaginary whip in the air and go “NO,NO,NO…NO…! There’s a perfectly good dustbin for that right behind the other door. Use that, please!” And she did so with such passion, that though nobody ever saw that whip, I was almost convinced that the victim of the verbal lashing actually felt the sting of the whip on his skin. I actually saw one grown man shrink in shame in front of this tiny person, and start walking towards the trashcan with his tail between his legs. Another co-traveller who had seen her in action earlier told me that, she didn’t necessarily have to use her voice as a whip – her fiery glare, aimed at a family guilty of littering in her home state Goa, was good enough for the job too. And from what he told me, that family wouldn’t forgetting their lesson – and that glare – anytime soon. Notch up another moral victory for the Hunterwali.

Well, Lady Hunterwali, as the old school poem goes, may your tribe increase. Keep on the good work, and here’s hoping that someday those forest fires stop.



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