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Catching Up With Old Friends… March 18, 2005

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It’s always a great feeling to catch up with friends…especially if you havn’t been in touch for awhile.

Just before I began writing this, I finished chatting with a close friend of mine, who’s now happily married and settled in the US of A. Hi there, DDP, if u read this sometime, I’m still gaining back my natural colour:) (private joke, guys, look away:)

I have always been reluctant about making friends all my life. The way I look at it is, I don’t choose them to become my friends, neither do they choose me. A friendship cannot be made, it just happens… In fact, if I look back and try and recall my first encounters with people who are today my closest friends, I think it’s a miracle that I’m still in touch with them, let alone be grateful that they are so close to me. I remember how my best friend, now all the way in Australia, almost ruined my nice pair of carefully guarded, clean trousers one rainy day in college, when he came up running behind me, yelling out my name, splashing puddle water all over me. All could think of at the time was, “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MUCKING UP MY TROUSERS, YOU IDIOT!”. To this day, he denies having done that, and to this day, we still have a great laugh about it. Another friend and I began our friendship by telling each other what we hated the most about each others guts, and almost 10 years later, we’re still doing it…And probably will for the next 10 years to come. A third friend, at one time back in school, was almost a sworn enemy. People couldn’t have trusted us in the same room with a loaded gun. But again, over the past 5 years, he’s become a integral member of my support group. Who knew, back then, that one day, some strangers would become so important in my life. And their presence in my life would make me feel important.

I always think it’s an amazing feeling to catch up with old friends. Nothing beats the feeling when the phone rings, and I can’t recognize the number, and somebody on the other end goes “Guess WHO?!?” Some of the most memorable moments in my life have been what many would call some of the most ordinary. Getting a call from a friend in Bombay, when I was in feeling low and miserable in Pune. Making her listen to me play the guitar (I am generally considered as the world’s worst gat artist) probably made her feel bad, but it sure as hell, made me feel better:) Or the time, I hesitantly called up a person whom I’d been out of touch with for over five years, and we agreed to meet for dinner. Today, almost four years down the line, she is now a close friend, and sometimes I wonder, what would have happened if I hadn’t made that call. I just got lucky, I guess. Another time, I remember when I bumped into this friend, with whom I had lost touch with after college, on a crowded Bombay street. We both had errands to run, and things to do, but we ended up reminiscing about the good ol’ college days over dinner and coffee that evening. Neither of us had planned out that evening, but it just became a great one on its own.

And that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t plan your friendships. You can’t tell somebody, “I will be you forever friend” or “lets promise to be best friends for life” or something equally cheesy. You just let the relation take its own twists and turns, and somewhere along the way if you get separated, it’s okay. Like I’ve said before, all relations must change, if they are to remain alive. Sometimes they change for the better, sometimes for the worse. That’s a given. Sometimes your friends are by your side, sometimes they’re not. But, one thing is certain, if you need a friend, life will find a way to get you back together. And someday you’ll get a call from a number you won’t recognize and the moment you hear the person on the other side say “Guess WHO?!?”, you’ll know it’s your friend. And even, if you haven’t spoken to that person in ages, you know it’s just gonna be all right.

Hello, people! Hope your phone rings soon. And while you’re waiting, just pick up the phone, and call up some friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. They may be expecting your call…



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