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Blog Virgin No More… June 20, 2004

Posted by espritnoir in Uncategorized.

Thats it! Blog Virgin no more…Can you believe it, i didnt post anything anything for 4 days after creating the bog, coz i just didnt know what to put up…And i was so scared of getting off to an unimpressive start that i almost didnt start…and how many times have i, we all in fact, done this before? Get so scared of making a fool of ourselves, that we just wait on the sidelines, doing nothing, understanding nothing? watching everything go by? well, maybe this aint as impressive a start as i’d have hoped it would be, but its a start nonetheless…and thats better off than before…welcome to the EspiritNoir mind space, welcome to my world…



1. South Yarra Steve - August 28, 2004

Espiritnoir – blogging is addictive -let me tell you – but you gotta keep it going. How on earth did you ever read – Picnic at Hanging Rock. I was at Haning Rock last weekend – yes for a picnic – could not find Miranda!! lol cheers Steve

2. DeeLiciouS - February 26, 2005

hope you write lots 🙂

3. Kassi - June 23, 2005

Did not honestly think I would find anyone else who listed The Man Who Was Magic as a fave book … pleasure to meet you 🙂

4. Chetan - April 13, 2006

U rite gud dude , i dint know this , a new facet which i came to know–>

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